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EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping
MP3 Audio Tool for Tapping!
Created by Mark Robertson.
This video is to demonstrate how you can use
my MP3 audio downloads for Energy EFT sessions.

This allows you to accompany EFT or any other energy work
 with my shamanic drum rhythms without having to play a drum at the same time.

You can buy the download of the audio MP3
With it's 11 Page booklet Further down on this page.
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Sample Audio track 1 : Spring Equinox 2013 Total time 24:45
EFTNergy Drum Circle Tapping: this Audio track was recorded with the intention to
accompany your daily practice with EFT.

I connected with the energy that was present on the evening of March 21st 2013,
which accompanied the rhythms of my shamanic drum.

I focused my intention on resonating with the energy of balance that allows connection with
inspiration and intuitions for the manifestation of all projects.

This audio contains energies of the Spring season that are good for new beginnings, daily
tappings, energy practice, etc... or whenever you begin the process of launching an important

Before you start focus your intention on your goals then just abandon your will to do anything and
just “Be” in the present moment with the sounds and rhythms of the drum......

Sample Audio track 2 :The Autumn Equinox of 2012 : Total time 22:21
EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping: this Audio track was recorded with the intention to
accompany your daily practice with EFT.

 It was created around the same structure as the first track, the main difference lies in the fact that
it was recorded with the focused intention to facilitate the balance between light and darkness
and transcend the illusion of separation between the energies of heaven and earth which is the
underlying energy of the autumn season.

So you may practice your tapping along with this audio at the end of the day or while watching the
sunset and meditate on the messages that the universe sends you in the time of silence after your

The specific rhythms and resonances of the drum activate the intuitive part of your mind helping to
discover new pathways to the expression of your unique creative potential.

Take the time to make yourself comfortable, focus your intention, then just let go of any
part of you that is holding on to the will to control.

The audio begins by calling in the four directions with the four beats of the drum 
….. then the heartbeat rhythm....
Sample Audio track 3 : The Autumn Equinox of 2012 : Connection with the Heart
of Earth Mother. Total time 8:50

EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping: this Audio track was recorded with the intention to
accompany your daily practice with EFT.

On the Autumn equinox of the 21st of September 2012, a process of involution began moving
back to the Earth Facilitating the connection with our Earth Mother who symbolizes nourishing
energy of caretaking and abundance.

It was created at the same time as the 2nd track, and was recorded with the focused intention to
facilitate the balance between light and shadows to transcend sadness provoked by the
separation of heaven and earth which is the energy that characterizes this season.

You may also listen to it before or after listening to the first audio track of the spring
equinox, or by itself as the heartbeat rhythm has a relaxing and grounding effect.

The goal of this audio is to allow the transmutation of sadness into an energy of unity with and
contemplation of all creation.

These audio tracks of my shamanic drumming were created in response to requests fromcmy EFT clients and students who don’t have a personal drum for their use or with their clients.

The sound of the drum and the specific shamanic rhythms provide a soundscape that raises the vibrations and accelerates the process of bringing the emotional intensity quickly up into the positive scale during Energy EFT sessions and is a perfect match for all Meridian Tapping and Energy techniques.

But they may also be used effectively as a way to raise your vibrational level for use with different energy practices such as meditation, relaxation and various shamanic practices.

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