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EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping, is what happened when I realized that, my shamanic Drum and my fingertips tapping on my body drum, worked perfectly together!

 A new approach to EFT was born! 

Our body resonates like a drum when we Tap on the meridian points, the steady tapping rhythms that Gary Craig taught us are the same rhythmic cadence as the shamanic trance rhythms of 180 to 200 beats per minute (bpm).

With my background as a jazz and rock drummer in the 70s and 80s and having studied and practiced acupuncture and various massage and energy related techniques including shamanic drumming over the last 25 years, it was only natural for me to combine EFT with the resonant sounds of shamanic drum rhythms.

This combination opens up an energy matrix that creates a solid foundation for heightened states of consciousness during EFTsessions.

Using this approach with an experienced practitioner or just listening to the drum tracks and following the simple instructions allow you to open up a sacred circle of

This has proved to be very effective for Tapping sessions and to begin a process of evolution on any given emotional or physical challenge you or your clients may encounter.

This new approach is not based on psychological or medical theories and is in no way intended to replace or be in competition with the modern medical profession.

It is based on an energetic approach to the mind, body and soul entity that we call a human being.

Each human entity is a constantly changing quantum universe in itself and responds to its own set of universal laws, just as the infinite cycle of the seasons is constantly changing and adapting to the environment.

This is why many energetic approaches to healing such as Energy EFT are more and more in demand in today’s world. 

The hidden destructive patterns that resist classic approaches surrender to the powerful primordial sounds and rhythms of shamanic drumming and tapping.

The vast realm of what we call “shamanism” consists of many different energetic traditions that are all rooted in ethnic, mystical or religious practices.

“EFT-Nergy DRUM CIRCLE TAPPING” combines some of the ancestral practices of shamanism and the modern approach of energy psychology creating a sacred space for evolution, without the complex rituals, dogmatic, ethnic or religious context.

My goal is to facilitate higher levels of energy during EFT sessions quickly allowing access
to the core aspects bringing the client’s intensity on the SUE scale up into the +10 range or what we call the energized end state.

The powerful resonance of the drum raise the overall vibration and just blow away toxic
mental constructions that often resist change so that we don't have to waste
precious time tapping for each negative aspect in the lower energies of the -10
range on the Sue scale.

 Drumming is a natural solution as it catalyzes energy and opens up ancestral memories where most of our destructive unconscious programs are stocked in what we call the “Energy Mind” (or what is traditionally called the un or subconscious mind).

In the practice of Energy EFT we learned about the universal laws concerning our Energy Mind, Energy Body and Energy Hands

Our negative emotional patterns or physical pains are just stagnated energy that needs to be liberated to make right that which once went wrong. 

We don't need to find out who or what was responsible, just feel and locate the stuck or shielded energy pattern, evaluate the intensity in the present moment, focus our
intention on the energy to be transmuted and tap and drum on it.

Then we may release these patterns with “EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping” giving rapid access to higher states of energy and consciousness with the rhythm and resonance of the drum that allow the energies to flow freely in the entire system.  

  What is EFT-Nergy?

It is an energy-based  approach to the practice of traditional EFT focusing on detecting the stuck energy within the energetic matrix of the body, evaluating the subjective
experience of these energy patterns, then by using the specific sounds and rhythms of shamanic drumming, create a sacred space of harmonic resonance.

Within this space we may contact ancestral memories often giving us access to the deeper core issues that have caused problems in the present lifetime.

  What is meant by a “Drum Circle”?

The circle is one of mankind's first sacred symbols and also one of the first musical and mystical instruments create d in prehistoric time, the simple frame Drum.

An animal skin was stretched over a wooden frame, essentially used during ceremony and ritual practice to invoke and connect with the invisible spirit worlds of the mineral,
plant and animal kingdoms, on the quest for healing herbs or to ensure that the
hunting expeditions would be fruitful for the tribal hunting parties.

The frame drum has always been used in the sacred temples often played by the high priestess during ritual ceremony.

The circle was and has always been used to denote the evolution of movement, the infinite cycles of the universe and the space within which we evolve and manifest life’s never ending cycles of change.

A few examples of sacred circles left to us from generations past are:

Cromlechs such as Stonehenge and Avebury, the Maypole dance celebrating Beltane in integrated database shades of gray to see the difference is that you are Thing happen up with the local phone shipments on the Britain.

The labyrinths found in many Gothic cathedrals such as Chartres and Amiens in
American Indian medicine wheels, sweat lodges, Teepees, igloos, Yurts, and many other
traditional circular shelters.

Over the past 25 years drum circles have been springing up in many communities around the world.

These circles often consist of a facilitator who assembles a group of people with a variety of percussion instruments in a circular configuration and open free-form rhythmic
experience for one to two hours.

further information see:
  Drum Circle Spirit Facilitating
Human Potential Through Rhythm,
By: Arthur Hull  
White Cliffs Media

On the History of drumming:
When the Drummers Were Women
The Spiritual History of Rhythm
By:  Layne Redmond 
Three Rivers press
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