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H.E.A.T. ( Holistic Energy Alignement Tool)
Holistic Energy Alignment Tool.
Is the result of 20 years of practice and research bridging our bodies energy system, quantum physics and modern stress management techniques with our emotions and daily human relations deeply rooted in cultural traditions. 

H.E.A.T. Is a teaching that takes us on a journey into our subtle feeling for our changing energetic states using specific protocols to detect and transmute the different stagnated energies in our subtle bodies and chakra systems to re-establish harmony in our emotional, mental, and electromagnetic identity on the cellular and energetic levels.

Once we are familiar with the circulation of the energies in the universe and our bodies we can use our focused intention in states of micro-meditations to liberate and then consolidate our various energy fields by re-calibrating our personal identity with our first name which is like a key to our higher self.

H.E.A.T. is one of the landmark techniques that we teach and use at our in home training institute in Normandy, France, onsite workshops, and in our web seminars.
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Holistic Alignement Energy Tool:

During the H.E.A.T. sessions we will progressively learn about the following subjects:

1. Man’s role as an antenna between earth & sky:

Each human being is totally connected to the entire universe, from the infinitely petite to the infinite immensity of the universe; every facet of creation is submitted to the same universal laws.

The Creator, Great Spirit, The Source, God etc… gains awareness of all created matter through vibratory affinity which allows a permanent circulation between spirit and matter.
These vibrations or frequencies are constantly moving and transforming as they pass through the different “spheres” or levels of densification of matter constantly relaying information in the form of pure energy back to their primordial source.

We as humans have 7 bodies, 6 of which are not material but vibratory in nature and in constant interaction with the whole of creation they respond to the same universal laws of energetic circulation that apply to all levels from the atom to the cosmos.

These 7 bodies are our fine tuned antenna that are interconnected with everything in our environment allowing us to relay information between “Earth & sky” in a system that when in perfect balance allows us to be “ in tune” with our profound destiny on earth.

The stress of daily life doesn’t often allow us to be “in tune” with our energetic reality and our classic education doesn’t prepare us to feel and target negative energies that pollute our antenna.

The goal of the H.E.T. training is to teach us to become aware of our profound identity within the dance of energetic frequencies of the universe and to correct any imbalance that we encounter in our daily lives that may inhibit this dance.

We do this by developing our 6th sense to better target the perturbing, stagnated energies that accumulate through our emotional and even Transgenerational traumas from the past that are stored far away from our conscious mind.

2. Learning to feel, target, & transmute, our own energetic pollution through specific protocols:

The following courses will progressively introduce us to these universal principles and how to balance their circulation. By integrating the knowledge of these universal principles and how they apply in our daily existence, we are able to develop our subtle feeling of the energies that animate our profound identity and also feel when we become "unhooked" from our identity.

The next step in the H.E.A.T. training program is to learn specific protocols to test our identity, chakras, subtle bodies, and just about anything in our environment.

This part is not an intellectual process it involves allowing our body to become an antenna that can be fine tuned to give us answers coming directly from our cells, whose universal intelligence is independent of our conscious mind.

We use different graphic presentations as a guide for our conscious mind to help us under stand the eb and flow of energies but they are not an exact representaion of the reality of our universe that is much to complex for the human mind to perceive.

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