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Eqinox Drum Circle Meridian Tapping!
Equinox Eagle-Heart Drumming.

Welcome into the sacred circle of transformational sound!

Please take 20 minutes to experience first the Eagle beat's acending yang energy and then the Heartbeat rhythm's decending yin energy while tapping the EFT series of points or just the cente of you chest (where it feels and sounds like a drum) my intention while playing my drum was for personal and planetary balance on the day of the equinox.

When you feel the contact with your spirit guides or get an intuition verbalise or sing your intentions to deeply root them in your energy system with the drum resonances.

Remember to always take a few minutes to breath in the intensity of the silence after the session.

Enjoy and impovise with your own inspirations.
Mitakuyé Oyasin :(Sioux Lakota) "We are all one family",

Photo Gallery of custom made shaman Drums by Mark.
Build your own consecrated Shaman Drum with Mark.
I have been custom building shaman drums and ethnic instruments for personal development and therapeutic purposes since 1998.
These drums are made to order there are two possibilities:

Step 1. You give me your full name, birth date, measurement, (height) in centimeters and I will calculate the geometric shape and size that corresponds to your vibratory resonance.

Step 2. You decide which option suits you:

1. You want to participate in stretching the hide and consecrating the drum during the process of waking up it’s “voice”. Then you must be able to come to Breuilpont for 2 afternoons with a minimum of 4 days to allow for drying and the sacred time of silence before waking up it’s voice.

2. You just want me to take care of the preparations and will take delivery here in Breuilpont where we will conduct the ceremony to wake up it’s voice. Or I will send your consecrated drum to you with shipping and handling charges added (UPS etc…)

Step 3. Just fill out the order form below and I will confirm reception.
Also shamanic Drum creation workshops may be organized for up to 4 people with digressive tariffs dates to be organized with me separately from 4 to 6 weeks for preparation.

Prices: One drum 333€
Groups: two persons 325€ each,
Three persons =315 each
or group of four = 305€ each

Order form for "Custom Made" Shaman Drums"
Name :
First Name :
e-mail :
Date of Birth :
Adresse de Facturation :
Height in centimeters :
Peaux Chèvre, Cheval, Veau etc. ? :
Message :
Please type the letters as
shown in the image :

Gourd Rattle
Traditional Talking Stick
Feather & Shell Rattle
She Wolf Rattle; Painted gourd, leather,bamboo, feather & bone.
Sounding Sacred Drums:
Feel free to sit back and imerse yourself in a 20 minute session of home made freestyle shaman drumming to contact the presence of "Wakan Tanka" the Great Sprit of the Sioux lacota tradition; Recorded in our seminar classroom  by Mark & Alain.

Gourd Rattle with leather trim and owl feather;
Drum stick Bamboo, leather, copper, Owl, Blackbird  &  Pheasant feathers .
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