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History of our Itineraries to a Joyful Heart
At the end of 1994, my husband felt a sudden need to leave Paris and search for the house of our dreams to realise our project for a spiritual learning center in the French countryside.

Not knowing how to slow down this project, (just the thought of leaving Paris made me shudder). I firmly stated my conditions: A place near Paris, requiring minimum renovations and especially not in Normandy!

The house found them!

Spring 1995, on the way back from a Week end.... in Normandy, we stopped in a charming village, “Pacy Sur Eure”, for a rest, passing in front of a real estate agency and almost "mechanically» we stop to have a look.
The agency is deserted, but in the entryway we see shelves of heavy albums with the listings and photographs of properties, we flip through the dog-eared pages without conviction, but one yellowed picture retains my glance. Somebody enters and asks us if we are looking for something in particular.
I answer "We need a large living room with guest rooms, without any renovation work and not too expensive because our budget is modest". He sees the photograph that I am looking at and says, while quickly turning the page; “This house has lots of space, it is beautiful but, there is a lot of restoration to be done moreover with the16ft. ceilings it is very difficult to heat, on top of that the owner’s asking price is way to high.

To my husband’s great surprise I asked; "Do you have the keys, is it far from here? "
he answered," yes, I have a key and it's not so far";
"I know it is completely irrational but I must see this house."
 Total silence during the short trip in the real estate agent’s car!
Then as soon as we pulled up in front of this place we looked at each other and immediately knew that this was it!

This was on May 1st, 1995, after some interesting synchronicities to confirm our intuitions and wipe out the last fears and questionings, we managed to buy "the old religious school house" of the village of Breuilpont and we moved in on September 1st In the middle of renovation work and carbord boxes but with the deep conviction that this place was where our life project would come to be!

We immediately baptized the house "Athanor" which is the alchemist's Crucible used for transforming led into gold, we really didn’t know at that time how much led we would be transmuting into gold!
But life put us to the test and thanks to our tools for personal development we managed to find the links and understand the lessons behind each one of the chancellenges that this old house brought us. The process continues and some day we will finish transforming our led into gold. Ten years and many interesting encounters later, the Institute of the Jade Cauldron was born.

Symbolically the Athanor opens up to the outside environment and becomes a Cauldron for alchemic exchange and transformation. The Western thought of our ancestors and the Eastern thought in which we chose to nourish ourselves harmonized themselves here.

I was born in Indochina where I grew up until the age of 19 so this bridge between the East and West pacifies me.

For my husband whose French and Scottish ancestors immigrated to the United States three hundred years ago For spiritual reasons.
The oriental link is less evident but he has always felt a deep affinity with the Eastern traditions and has studied traditional Chinese medicine naturally linking oriental thought with the Native American wisdom and to all the ancient spiritual practices of our planet.
This deep spiritual link behind the original project for our home as a place of spiritual learning but limited to the catholic faith.

Today has become a place that gives shelter and helps to open the gates to new horizons of spiritual links to all faiths through the integration of personalised tools for the positive change of worn out belief systems.
This old country schoolhouse built in the Napoleon style by the nobility of Breuilpont in 1865 for the religious education of the local children with it’s old stone walls and the fourteen 144 year old linden trees of the garden, probably holds the memories of children’s laughter, and of the complex history of this part of Normandy.
For example: Casualties of World War I were healed here, it was requisitioned by three armies during the second World War, was also medical dispensary for the local children, a catechism school, and finally a private secondary home.

 Today as the home of the "Itineraries to a Joyful Heart", we welcome those who are at a crossroads in their life, seeking tools and a favourable place to experience universal principals to expand their thoughts, meditations and learn practical applications of new spiritual ways to transmute Led into Gold!

Our home has a history and people feel a certain peace & tranquillity in this place due in part to the fact that it is built using the proportions of the “golden rule”.
With the 14 Linden trees in the schoolyard closed in by old stone walls almost like a cloister we are also situated on the ley lines of Chartres that is just up the "Eure" river from us.
This is excellent for all types of energy work as the vibratory rate is very high favouring personal well being and relaxation just one hour from the stress of Paris

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