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EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping
 "Shamanic Drum Powered EFT Meridian Tapping"

EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping is a combination of Shamanic Drum Rhythms and Meridian Tapping, and will be presented at the 2013 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference  by Mark Robertson, the creator of this technique.
Read on for more details on this Conference presentation...

I left Houston Texas for Paris France in 1983 with a tourist visa and a contract as a fashion model thus allowing me to finance my studies in the fields of bio-energetics, T.M.C., and personal development during my first 10 years in France.

For the last 17 years I have practiced acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing, EFT, individual and group sessions and have co-animated energy training workshops with my wife Renée in our own approach, “H.E.A.T. Holistic energy Alignment Tool” and psycho-genealogy .

Eight years ago I built my first personal Shaman drum and found a way synchronize it to my energy matrix. (My height divided by the number of sides), in this case 8, so 1m86 / 8 = 23.25cm for each side.

The sound and feeling of this Drum was very therapeutic so a Therapist friend asked me to build her one.

One thing led to another leading me to build and help adults and children, to wake up the voice of many consecrated personal Shaman Drums in this way.

I have integrated the powerful resonances of Shamanic Drum Rhythms with Meridian Tapping to facilitate energy alignment, general health, and the deprogramming of negative ancestral memories within the DNA in individual and workshop sessions.

“Drum Circle Meridian Tapping” was born from these many influences to develop the yin qualities of grounded intuition, right and left brain synchronization and alignment of the heart with the earth’s core frequencies.

The metabolic effects of drumming: focused mental concentration, accelerated neuronal firing, improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improved sleep and respiration.

(These beneficial effects can last up to 72 hours after the session).

“Drum Circle Meridian Tapping” also releases limiting emotional patterns opening up to the whole range of human feelings, The Drum facilitates non verbal communication of repressed emotions, concordance and community spirit;

The Resonant Heartbeat of the Drum instills a state of “Divine Density” that allows powerfully grounded states of heightened awareness

These states allow us rapidly attain higher levels of success with E.F.T. reinforcing spontaneous intuitions, in a safe environment favoring higher frequency levels for transmutation.

This tool is based on the integration of traditional shamanic drumming with E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) or M.T.T. Meridian Tapping Techniques. (From the family of “Energy Psychology”)

The Acupuncture points are tapped along with the Drum’s rhythm while repeating the phrases.

In a typical workshop we begin by creating a sacred circle as in the Native American tradition with particular attention to the cardinal directions.

The main goal is to integrate within the heart a true feeling of the interconnection between all things facilitating the link between the physical and nonphysical worlds.

As the day goes on, the weaving between the participants is strengthened, each one sharing his or her present day challenge.

We then use EFT enhanced by the resonant drum pulse to align and focus the individual and group intentions in a continuous tapping session, proceeding clockwise around the circle.

When the Circle has been completed Mark drums the Heart beat rhythm to help concentrate the intentions of the group then closing the session with 4 drum beats in each direction respecting a time of silence to complete the process of transmutation and integration of new energies in the sacred silence that follows.

This approach to EFT creates a sacred link with our ancestors as the energy of the drum is linked to the vital energy or CHI of the kidneys at the same time clearing and reinitializing these vital forces.

The results can be spontaneous healing, quicker integration of the technique, much less intellectual interference, deeper connection with the intuitive forces of the heart, a deep sensation of well-being and a renewed spiritually grounded connection among the community.

It is also possible to co-create a personal consecrated drum with Mark.

Mark has recorded mp3 audios on the autumn & spring equinoxes to use as background sound-scapes for the meridian tapping, so that the participants can work without a drum.

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Joyful Pathways 
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A sacred space to manifest energetic Transformations and Exchanges for personal and spiritual growth in you and your Ancestral lineage.

Here you have a privileged joyful environment to reconnect to your ancestral  Heart centered forces after becoming aware of the blocked energies in the matrix that is your family tree which is in direct relation to the collective memory of the human race.

In this day and age of quantum acceleration we can help you deprogram ancestral memories in your DNA at any time without complex ritual practices, but by learning to use simple tools to transmute and liberate your impacted self expression in the present moment.

Mark leading an EFT Drum Circle Tapping session with one of His Sacred Drums...
Here is a 6 minute Drum Circle Tapping audio that I recorded in a sacred space 
with the intention of positive change 
and  emotional release. 
Please feel free to tap along 
with your own words...
Happy Tapping!
Heart of Man...
This flower is called the Heart of Man, in the French Caribbean.
It only blooms for one evening exuding a very pungent perfume. 
The next morning it withers, such as the furtive blooming of passion.

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