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Mark Robertson

 My biggest adventure in life began 3" years ago the 10th of September 1983 when I arrived in Paris with a 3 month tourist visa, a contract with one of the top modeling agencies, and certainty that my spiritual quest was just beginning. 

I met my future wife Renée a few weeks after my arrival, (a cosmic meeting of souls) we were married in 1994 after 10 years in Paris. 
A year later we made the decision to leave Paris and find a place in the French country side where we could still be near to Paris and enjoy the advantages of rural life for our patients and students.
After 3 months of searching we encountered our future home and work space! Here in Breuilpont Normandy it was built in 1965 to serve as a catholic school and through the years and two world wars has served many different purposes.

Today Our Home is a non denominational multi-discipline institute, favoring universal techniques for self realization to develop personal autonomy and transformation.
Our vision for this place is to serve as a hub for the exchange of information, and facilitate transformation of all who come here ,(and our website), in a non dogmatic spiritual context of personal development. 
We wish to inspire all who come our way to integrate new life changing techniques for the development of one’s thoughts, emotions and acts. 
My continuing path with Renée as a Therapist / Life coach / Shaman / Light Worker etc… has given me the choice of many different tools to help each patient to find his or her individual path to emotional and energetic liberation.

I have had the chance to learn from masters in traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopaths, Manuel techniques, Gregorian Chant, Sound Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, The Reconnection and various Energy Techniques for personal development, Relaxation, Inner Peace, and Stress Control.

I propose personal rendezvous in Breuilpont or Paris and on the phone or Skype Visio-conferences. I also animate workshops in Breuilpont or on site using E.F.T. , Community drum Circles and Chanting events, Personal Shaman Drum Building workshops, and online Meridian Tapping Techniques events myself or accompanied by my wife Renée. 
Feel free to contact me for further information at Tel +033 02 32 36 67 35 Cell Phone: +033 06 19 57 43 38 
Thank You, Mark S. Robertson-
Psycho Genéalogist, Numeroligist , Bio Energeticien :

Spécialitys :
Psychogénéalogy, Numérology, Bio-Energetic Deprogramming, Energy training (H.E.A.T.
teaching workshops and private consultations in theValley de l’Eure one hour West of Paris, France.) :
numerology themes, transgenerational study of the family tree in individual or up to four persons in a group situation.

I use the following techniques: EFT, H.E.A.T. Oh-ohponopono, cellular deprogramation, kinesiology, stress management, family and life partner counseling.
Please contact me to organize a workshop or individual rendezvous by telephone, Skype,consultations in Paris, Normandy, tele-seminar web trainings and international workshopsare possible.
Tel:+033 02 32 36 67 35 
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