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Psycho-généalogie at the Jade Cauldron

I like to define Psycho genealogy as a personal development tool that has allowed me to take into account and verify the "trans-generational” dimension that is active in my life.
I decided late in my life to undertake the task of reconciliation with my ancestral roots. This was done thanks to the psycho-genealogy workshops that I attended for 5 years with Carol Labedan, this period was necessary for me to find inner peace, accept and recognize the living memory of my ascendants!

The act of laying out my Family Tree for the first time in 1999 allowed me to understand that blood ties are not always the most important. The Parents, Grandparents, their spouses, with their ascendants, the different fraternal lineages, the godfathers, godmothers, close friends of the family, everyone of these “seemingly unrelated” elements make up a whole and all have an energetic and emotional influence in our lives.

In fact psychogenealogy necessitates the recognition of energetic and emotional dimensions, we often refer to these as Ghosts, (Yin energies) and to Vampires, (Yang energies).
I am passionate in discovering all that emanates from the weaving of the family tree as soon as it is completed. The subtle and silent functioning of the family’s collective unconsciousness influences our daily life.

The mere act of coming into contact with our ascendants, provokes tangible effects in our daily lives, bringing up emotional states, synchronicities that open up new fields of research…which becomes evident with my on going experience.
Each detail becomes significant, the moments of joy and times of suffering, career choices, family names, first names, the dates: Of conception, birth, marriage, death, miscarriages, abortions, repetitive patterns, all these elements are precious indicators of the links and resonances between the past and present. All these energies are active within us, and these particular memories are held within our cellular structures!

The process of decoding the messages left in the past serve as beacons that illuminate the present, that continues to fascinate me, it also allows me to follow my own progression on life’s path .
I appreciated the sharp vision, the profound keenness of thought that was expressed by Carole Labedan who likes to let « time do it’s work » so that the personal inner work may elaborate itself fully.

I also appreciated, a few years later, the pragmatic approach, the rapidity, and the sharp eye that Dr. Salomon Sellam brought into psycho-genealogy, his work on the interaction of monthly trans-generational axis, the comparison of dates allow rapid decoding with stupefying clarity. His books, “Le Syndrome du Gisant » (translated, in the dictionary as « Redundant or Lying Syndrome ») and « Le Sens Caché des Désordres Amoureux » or « The Hidden Meaning of Love Disorders » have become my personal reference books.
(GISANT or Redundant)
Both of these, approaches have influenced my personal practice to psycho-genealogy.

In general all families create suffering through secrets, favoritism, abandon, injustice, violence, incest, and unresolved grieving, but they are not the only source spreading toxicity in our lives. All social structures no matter what their tendencies or history generate suffering: slavery, colonialism, harassment company policies, motivated only by profit with no recognition of those who sustain the structure (massive layoffs even when the company is making comfortable profits!)
“Ghosts” and “Vampires” are born through frustration created by social, political and economic disparities.
Once we become aware of these negative elements but don’t have deep shifts of consciousness, the liberation from these energies that parasite our body mind and spirit repeatedly, keep us from living life to it’s fullest.

The good news is that there are many tools to clean, liberate, and transform the past suffering when mental awareness is not enough to liberate the destructive energy patterns that control our body and spirit.
We all originate from a weaving whose threads bear the imprint of timeframes of collective memories, geographic, social, cultural, economical, political, realities that all intermingle and meet particular experiences.
Understanding the patterns of one’s unconscious mind allows us to live the present moment without fears or beliefs that don’t belong to us. This is a way to transmute our ancestral past.

The source of enlightment comes from the heart, that is a focal point of energies as there must always be a central coordination that allows their continuous flow, re-establishing inner and outer harmony in our surrounding environment .

There is one, “common denominator” to acknowledge and accept within ourselves this state of confusion and accompany it, as this is precisely what we must transform.
The encounter with our roots allows us to establish a relationship with our ancestors and accept to be momentarily destabilized by them. There are many emotional liberation techniques that keep us from macerating uselessly in the energies of the past.

Every « Trans-generational » investigation should be accompanied by bodywork because that is where our difficulties are enacted but it is also the crossroads between visible and invisible, material and spiritual.
My husband , mark often introduces acupressure or Foot Reflexology to facilitate the personal transformation on a physical level. Through experience the vibration of Shamanic Drumming also helps to circulate stagnant ancestral energies after working on the families weaving.

If you feel a calling to delve into the richness of your ancestral memories and heal past, present, and future generations, please feel free to fill out the form below and carefully formulate your request and we will contact you for a preliminary consultation to define your criteria for beginning this extraordinary adventure.
From experience it is not often a one minute miracle it requires time and consistency. But the benefits are outstanding!!!

The precursors:
Freud, was careful not to choose the first names of his children randomly or by conforming to a current mode. He insisted that this decision should be determined by the memory of dear ones.
In “Totems & Taboos”, he writes” We postulate the existence of a collective soul…a sentiment is handed down from generation to generation being in connection to a fault that they have neither consciousness nor the least memory of.
JUNG went farther to bring synchronies and the « collective unconscious » into light.

Around 1960 Moreno established the postulate of familial CO-CONSCIOUS and the CO-UNCONSCIOUS familial group, he was the first to insist on the complexity of family ties.
At the same period, Françoise DOLTO & N. ABRAHAM and their students established the complex problem of trans-generational transmission, non resolved conflicts, (hate, vengeance vendettas, feuds), of secrets, silenced words, premature deaths, and the choice of profession.

In 1967 Murray Bowen talked about the “Genogramme” in family therapy.

In 1978 Henri COLLOMB presented the technique of the “Genosociogramme” in Nice that he had developed in Senegal in his work on the African Psycho Pathology.

Dr. Anne SHUTZENBERGER continued to teach and develop the “Genosociogramme” mainly to help cancer patients discover, through working on their family tree, the roots of the cancer that had invested them.
“If we heal an individual without considering the whole family, we will not accomplish much in therapy, which will often only be a temporary improvement…
The development of a person, his/her health, illness, and remission depend upon the way their family, or society consider them. The family’s balance is also important for the development of the individuals, their health, their illness, and their relapse.” .

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