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Discover the difference between

Social and Soul identity!

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Hello fellow Energists I'm so glad you found your way to this page. 

I assume you've read the article in the winter edition of The Energist.

Just to give you some background my wife, Renée and I have been
working with energies over the last the 25 years together.

Our main goal to keep the integration simple and teach every one of our clients how to take charge of their energies.

And consequently their health & well-being. 

By integrating modern energy tools to their daily life routine.

If you're like me, daily interaction with fellow humans in different relationships can be challenging.

I sometimes feel tired and disturbed with all my clients energies in my work as an energy healer.

Since I have learned to re-connect with my identity I am much less drained by the surrounding low vibration energies.

Among all the techniques we have encounterednone have taught us an energy protocolthat allows the therapist and his client
to discover their unique energetic identity.

Many modern energy techniques take into account
what they call psychological reversal 
that is very valuable for understanding and clearing the energy system but doesn't work on the same level as our unique energetic identity profile. 

When we are born, our soul participates in the choice of our given name.

It's like a bar code that allows us to identify ourselves socially. 

At the end of the day after work, after being with good friends,
coming out of the soccer match, coming home from work, 
after a phone call etc. if we may feel drained, it is usually a sign
that we have lost our social identity.

How do we lose our social identity?

The two main ways are through conflictual or fusional relationships.

We can also use our identity within a collective consciousness such as political party, religions, fan clubs, computer games, and many 
of the activities of modern-day life. 

There are many ways to test and find out if you are on your identity, kinesiology, pendulum, etc. 

But we have found time testing is really necessary as we are permanently immersed in the constantly changing Energies of this multidimensional universe. 

So, being dis-connected with our identity in itself is not a problem.

We just need an efficient tool to reconnect with.


You may read my article in this column below

or on page 9 of the Winter 2015 edition of,

"The Energist" by clicking on the Image.

Or follow this link:



Dare to Live 2015 differently!
Discover the difference between Social and Soul identity!

Learn how to re-connect them and let your unlimited Spiritual 

Greetings from France to all our fellow Energists in the AMT!
Correcting psychological reversal was one of the main elements in classic EFT.

In Energy EFT we leave the psychological out and connect with the Heart’s intelligence through our healing energy hands.

 One of the main protocols used in “HEAT” (Holistic Energy Alignment Tool)
and in Drum Circle Tapping sessions is re-establishing the vibratory identity.

The key is in our first name given at birth, deeply rooted in ”social identity”....from which we areoften disconnected, simply by states of fusion or resistance with partners, family, friends, or collectivities and even from past relationships.

 We have also developed simple protocols in our advanced trainings to quickly locate and deprogram “Identity Imprints” in the organs and nervous system’s cellular memories.

One of our latest discoveries with our energy tool, HEAT is that, in addition to our social identity we all have a higher vibratory connection, a unique expression of the
“Source” of all that is.

Each human being is an extension of this ever expanding source.

So once we are connected to our social Identity we may then raise our frequencies by activating our own creative “source” energy.

For Renée and I this should be the universal default procedure before using any energy tool.

 And we suggest that you teach all of your clients, family and friends how to “Re-Connect” rapidly with the free energy protocols on the link at the end of this article.

In the world we live in, energy is polarized and constantly unfolding into the manifested world that we see.

A relatively new concept states that the universe is composed of approximately 4% “visible matter”, 23% “dark matter” and 73% “dark energy”.
These frequencies of dark matter and energy are the energy-matter of the higher planes of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Shamanic cosmologies and the hidden spatial dimensions of modern string, theory.

Our neuronal activity is directly influenced by the polarized energies” of the 3
dimensional world or “the Hard” as Silvia Hartmann calls it, and is linked to
the limbic brain and prefrontal cortex.

On the other hand the neocortex and the central nervous system contain over 90
billion star shaped cells called astrocytes that are not influenced by polarity.

They interact with frequencies of primordial light and information emanating from
“dark matter” and “dark energy” forming 96% of the non-manifested universe.

We now know that our physical reality and the body’s symptoms, are the result of the densification of our collective and individual thought forms within the matrix, filtering down into the 4% of this manifested world.

We are all creating reality as we know it… so, what you know is what you get… literally!

Astrocytes are the key to full brain activity, they send, receive and hold the memories of frequencies of non-manifested light and are especially activated by sounds,
rhythms and colors.

Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument engages whole brain activity not to mention the other benefits on the whole metabolism.

( see  youtube : “How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins)

When we listen to shamanic drumming and tap the EFT points, the resonance and
pulsations of the drum induce frequencies of light that stimulate DNA, the central
nervous system and the neo-cortex; in consequence the astrocytes light up, creating
an inter dimensional bridge between worlds.

This unfolds the possibility to pierce the veil of the “Hard” universe to engage new
patterns of healing.

Drum Circle Tapping connects to Heart energy, with focused intention we open a
vortex and connect with the “source” that we are, and witness the healing
process from a more sacred place…

By doing the transmutation protocols and micro meditations with “HEAT”* we transmute energies in through and out of our energy centers on all levels.

It’s like learning play our musical “bodies” activating the whole brain, creating chain
reactions, of healing potentials within the matrix, by stretching our old
paradigms beyond frontiers of the energy mind/body system.

From another vantage pointthe Neuronal system is like the hard disc in your computer and the astrocytes are like a backup storage system on the “Cloud” at the source of the universe.

The Hard disc stores data in the brain but when injured the memories are lost…. In certain cases of brain injuries, memories are somehow mysteriously downloaded from the “cloud”! (See Dr. RupertSheldrake’s morphogenic field theory)

This vibratory realm of frequencies is the primordial playground of our inner Shaman on the path back to full healing potentials of Earth medicine that knows no limits! 

Our wish is that this information may open your mind to adifferent vantage point of what you know and have not applied yet or open new horizons of experience for you in your life experience.

*(Holistic Energy Alignment Tool created by Mark & Renée Robertson)

Mark and his wife Renée are Energy EFT Master Practitioners, live a small village in
 Normandy near Giverny, in an old Catholic school house that they have transformed into an Energy sanctuary and training center providing healing “Pauses for Well Being” for small groups, couples and individual experiences in energy.

They met in Paris 31 years ago and have been passionately working / playing in the
field of energy healing for the last 25 years.

Mark is the creator of “Drum circle Tapping” or Shamanic EFT which he presented in
2011 and 2013 at the AMT Conference in Gatwick.

 They have co-created “HEAT” and are in the process of writing the French edition, to be translated in English soon…

We would love to hear from you and are open to any comments or questions.

Visit Mark’s page on the AMT website:  http://tinyurl.com/nropura

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