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EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping Workshops
This is an open workshop with no experience prerequisites in Meridian Tapping.

The shamanic drum is a perfect partner for EFT tapping sessions.
Based on my experience with EFT and/or Meridian Tapping Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shamanic Drumming.

EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping uses the traditional shamanic rhythms that amplify the grounding Yin qualities of right brain intuition, the hemi-synchronization of the right and left brain and the harmonization of our physical heart with that of mother Earth.

Using this approach with an experienced practitioner or just listening to the drum tracks and
following the simple instructions, allows you to open up a sacred circle of transformation.

This is proved to be very effective for Tapping sessions and to begin a process of evolution on any
given emotional or physical challenge you or your clients may encounter.

This new approach is not based on psychological or medical theories and is in no way intended to
replace or be in competition with the modern medical profession.

It is based on an energetic approach to the mind, body and soul entity that we call a human being.

Each human entity is a constantly changing quantum universe in itself and responds to its own set of
universal laws, just as the infinite cycle of the seasons is constantly changing and adapting to the environment.

The hidden destructive patterns that resist classic approaches often surrender to the powerful
primordial rhythms of shamanic drumming and tapping.

“EFT-Nergy DRUM CIRCLE TAPPING” combines some of the ancestral practices of shamanism and the modern approach of energy psychology creating a sacred space for evolution, without the complex rituals, dogmatic, ethnic or religious context.

My goal is to facilitate higher levels of energy during EFT sessions quickly allowing access to the core aspects bringing the client’s intensity on the SUE scale (Dr Hartmann) up into the +10 range or what we call the energized end state.

Drumming is a natural solution as it catalyzes energy and opens up ancestral memories where most of our destructive unconscious programs are stocked in what we call the “Energy Mind” (or what is
traditionally called the un or subconscious mind).

This modality also facilitates concordance within the heart of the community through nonverbal communication and the liberation of deeply rooted limiting emotional patterns

Acupuncture points are stimulated simultaneously with the rhythms of the drum that enhance higher states of consciousness and the focused  group intentions,which favorise personal  transformation and collateral benefits for all who attend.

The sacred talking stick is passed around so that each one may share their personal experience within the sacred circle after each round of tapping.

It is not necessary to have a drum to attend this workshop audio recordings will be available  and also my  MP3 audio recordings may be purchased on this website to tap along with.

Pease contact Mark for further details and the possibility to organize a workshop in your area: Mark Robertson: mark@i-c-j.com
Tel- (France) : 0332 32 26 05 90 or Cell Phone: 0336 19 57 43 38

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